• All liquid / food containers need to be empty
  • Quickly rinse-off food residue
  • All items should be clean and dry (or mold may occur)
  • Labels do not have to be removed
  • No need to crush cans or plastic bottles
  • Nothing smaller than a credit card (small items are difficult to process)
  • Put plastic caps back on plastic bottles
  • Flatten cardboard boxes
  • Do not put recyclables in plastic bags – dispose of them loosely in the container.


  • GLASS bottles & jars
  • ALUMINUM, TIN & STEEL cans and lids (aerosol cans too, but only if completely empty – remove plastic nozzle & cap)
  • PLASTIC bottles, jugs, jars & food tubs (put plastic caps back on) #1-7
  • PAPER and CARDBOARD, mail, newspaper & magazines (this also includes cartons for juice / broth / milk)
  • NO Plastic Bags or Film Gather your plastic bags and plastic films separately. Think Stretchy Plastics = grocery bags, zip-lock, dry-cleaning bags, bubble-wrap, along with films around water bottles and paper products. Bring to your local grocery store, Target or Walmart.
  • NO Used Paper Products such as paper towels, tissues, napkins, plates, cups, etc.(these items can be composted)


Please visit the St. Croix County’s recycling website for: