Permanent On-Site Waste and Recycling Containers

Our route service provides 2, 4, 6 and 8-yard containers for waste, cardboard and commingle recycling. We can offer daily, weekly or monthly service options depending on your needs and location. We do not lock you into complicated contracts and offer great upfront pricing with no hidden taxes or fees. Please call 715-425-2141 for pricing.

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2-Yard Lidded Dumpster

3’ long 3.5’ high front & 3.5’ high backs
2 Yard Dumpster

4-Yard Lidded Dumpster

4’ long 4’ high front & 5’ high backs
4 Yard Dumpster

6-Yard Lidded Dumpster

6’ long 4’ high front & 5’ high backs
6 Yard Dumpster

8-Yard Lidded Dumpster

7’ long 4’ high front & 6’ high backs
8 Yard Dumpster

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